Alesa was founded in Paitone (Brescia) in 1979. After a beginning with use of traditional machines, they were replaced with more advanced ones to better meet the needs of manufacturing, through the use of digital tools, numerical controls, cad-cam etc.


In 1979 Alesa was a small business in Paitone, a village near Brescia. Over the years, it has specialized in cutting and deep boring for medium and large dimension moulds, and has constantly increased its efforts and improved its technological capacities. Its range of services has been widened thanks to the introduction of an assembly division and a technical department.


Thanks to all this, in 2007 we opened a new operating plant with 1,000 square meters under cover in Mazzano, near Brescia. Here we have the technological and production departments, the commercial and administration offices.

We provide continuous, careful training for our employees, with a view to developing a specialized workforce, and we have committed ourselves to investments in new, technologically advanced equipment, using increasingly sophisticated software. All this bears witness to development geared towards the most complete, specific service, with a view to satisfying all customer requirements.




UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification is the confirmation of our partners' reliability and of their managerial capacity.